What is in it for me?

Nine days Sadhana Shivirs (Art of Living & Art of Relating training camps) for spiritual refinement of personalityFive days special higher-level Sadhana Shivir (Art of Being & Art of Thinking training camps) in silence for awakening of inner energy.One month “ Yug Shilpi Sadhana Satra ” (Art of Serving &... See More

The intellectual giant, the saint, and sage, who established these organizations was also blessed with boundless gift of literary capability, which may be realized from more than 3000 books published by him, the essence of which is being summarized in 108 volumes of “ Vangmaya ”. The exceptional literary contribution... See More

Owing to enormous increase of visitors, Shantikunj Ashram has also made tremendous expansion during the last one decade to accommodate the visitors. Many new buildings have been constructed. Three splendid canopies for performing Yagna have been constructed, which present a memorable sight in the morning hours, when thousands of devotees... See More

The daily routine here begins at 3:30 a.m. with collective prayer followed by special “ Gayatri Mantra chantingand Sun Meditation” and Akhand Deepak (lamp) darshan .Yagna is also performed every morning, which re minds one of the Vedic days in the ashrams of the Rishis . Two meals are offered... See More

Accommodation is provided free of cost for 2-3 days. There is no prior booking required. We do not book the rooms in Advance. Just drop by to reception and you will be allocate space based on availability. Usually, Summer period has huge rush of visitor hence you may get shared... See More