Salient Features of Shantikunj

1. Social Reforms 
2. Psycho-Social Engineering 
3. Disaster Management 
4. Self-reliant Development of Rural India 
5. Comprehensive Training Programs 
6. Revival of Vedic Culture 
7. Reinvestigation of Vedic literature & Methods of Sadhana 
8. Sixteen Sanskars (sacramental rites) 
9. Vichar Kranti Abhiyan (Thought Revolution Movement) 
10. Innovative research in Ayurveda 
11. Tirthas (Pilgrimage Centers) 
12. Worshiping the deity of human life through threefold path of Upasana ,Sadhana and Aradhana 
13. Ascent and Empowerment of Women 
14. Transformation of Youth: Shiksha and Vidya ( Education , Knowledge and Righteous Intellect) 

Yug Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya , who founded All World Gayatri Pariwar with its headquarter at Shantikunj was of the definite view that in this Era of materialism , spiritual principles can be accepted by the masses, when they are scientifically established by facts, examples and interpretation. Therefore, he... See More

The splendid Prakhar Pragya and Sajal Shraddha , two tiny temples made up of marble contain the Charan Peeths (foot impressions) of the intellectual giant Param Poojya Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Vandneeyaa Mata Bhagawati Devi Sharma. These are the monumental source of inspiration for self enlightenment and fulfillment... See More

It is a live monument of pilgrimage centers of the sacred Himalaya , where ancient Rishi’s (saints) lived and performed their penance. Made in circular form and oval shape for performing Dhyan Sadhana in a calm, quiet and a peaceful atmosphere, it can accommodate thousands of devotees at a time... See More

Most pious “Akhand Deep” ignited by the Yug Rishi, as back as, in 1926 is still lighting. In its proximity  he conducted 24 gigantic Purashcharns of 24 lakhs recitations of Gayatri Mantra each, in 24 years. On its  completion, 1008 Kundi Grand Gayatri Maha yagya was performed in 1958, which... See More

A magnificent temple of Gayatri-Mata and idols of Sapt-Rishis (Ancient seven eminent saints) are one of auspicious place in Shantikunj. Visit to the divine spiritual abodes of deities (pilgrimage centers) is an important part of spiritual life style. The main purpose of these visits is to derive continuous inspiration for imbibing the divine virtues symbolized by the... See More