Child Shriram - Birth to childhood 1911 – 1925

Birth : in Brahma muhurt (very early hours in the morning) of Ashvin Krishna Triyodashi Vikram Samvat 1968 corresponding to 20th September 1911 in Anwalkheda village in Agra district in a rich Brahman family.Father: Pt. Roopkishore Sharma; Mother: Dankunwari devi.

  • Intense inclination towards spiritual endeavours from childhood. He would always be involved in spiritual discussions with colleagues.
  • Deep attachment toward the majestic Himalayas. When hardly ten years old escaped from his house and on being caught said Himalayas was his home and he would go there.
  • Creative thinking from the very childhood. Developed the habit of self-reliance, self sufficiency.
  • Extreme love and sympathy for depressed, down-trodden and the untouchables. Attended, nursed and served an old ailing Harijan woman despite opposition by family members and the high society he belonged to.